Episode 08 – Bat

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So this is what I come back to, Libsyn? You told me you’d automatically publish any posts I made on your website over here to WordPress, but you were just yankin’ my chain huh?

I won’t deny that things went off the rails this week. It’s true, but what can you do when a man breaks into your apartment and forces you to lock yourself in your podcast recording studio/ panic room? Re-record the episode? No. No way buddy. A true podcaster would never allow 50 minutes of pure audio to go to waste. Even if that audio came from inside the basin of a toilet at Arby’s, a true podcaster would find a way to make that audio sing.

Now to be fair I don’t think I made the audio “sing” in this episode, but I did use it, and that’s what’s really important.

There really was a ton to talk about with the Bat, and do think I covered pretty much everything I wanted to. As far as the Mexican Free-Tailed bats go, they are especially cool and I would certainly recommend doing some further research into them on your own.  There is typically around 20 million of them in Bracken Cave in Texas at any given time, but their numbers can shoot up to twice that when they give birth. Apparently that means up to four or five hundred bat pups per square foot. Square foot.


Mexican Free-Tailed Bat Pup Lookin’ Pre-Fly

Past that, I did want to talk about the Little Brown Bat’s eating habits, just to point out how much bats truly can eat in a lifetime. If you’re talking 1000 bugs per hour, for roughly three hours per night, that means about 84,000 a month if you allow some estimating. The little brown bat will usually live to be about 10 years old but can live up to 30, so if we split the difference and say 20 then a Little Brown Bat can kill upwards of 20,160,000 mosquitoes in its lifetime. And these guys live in colonies of up to 300,000 at a time.

So yeah, next time you’re with your aunt who’s afraid of bats, just tell her that she should feel lucky she doesn’t have the West Nile Virus or Malaria and to shut her dumb face. Unless it’s a visor bat. Seriously, screw those goblins.

Okay, I’m calling it. See you guys next week!


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